Flat Bed UV Digital Printing

With our new state of the art large format flatbed UV digital printer we print literally on any hard surface. Print on Canvas, Print on Wood, Print on MDF Sheets, Print on Glass Sheets, Print on Acrylic Sheets, Print on Mirror, Print on Leather, Print on any sort of Fabrics, Print on Fibre, and Print on Ceramics etc. etc. are some of our expertise. We have advanced printing technology with Most Advanced & latest Gen5 Print Heads which are capable of printing various depth and features of printing including special effects like raised printing, extensive light or dark printing etc.

What is UV Printing?

UV printing is digital printing the UV reactant Ink is cured by UV Rays. The UV lights cure the printed ink instantly, so there remains no chance of fading. UV cured inks are basically weather-resistant hence no fading. This curing process is Eco Friendly as VOCs, Odour, and Heat produced is negligible. UV curing also allows the flatbed printer to be used for uncommon materials like acrylic or Aluminium. In fact, Our UV flatbed printer is capable of printing substances up to 30 cm thickness!

UV Flatbed Printing, what sets this flatbed printer out from the crowd is its UV curing technology. This type of printer will allow us to print directly onto materials like acrylic with record speed and incredible detail - all while maintaining the highest industry standards for environmentally responsible printing processes! In this article, well explain how UV printing works, what our UV printer can do, and why its a great choice for those seeking custom signage!

UV Flatbed Printer Features at a Glance

Large Format Graphics
  • Up to 4 inch X 8 inch - and 2 inch thick
  • Compatible with both rigid and flexible materials - including Acrylic, ABS, Coro-plast, Aluminium, Foam Board, Korean Sheets
Second Surface Printing
  • Transparent Printing on Glass, Acrylic Etc.
  • Reverse Printing at Back of a Transparent Material.
  • Appearance of Depth Possible.
  • White Base or Post Varnish adds Durability / Longevity of Graphics.
Double Layer Printing With or Without White Ink
  • Layers of white ink under color ink.
  • Increases vibrancy of graphics.
  • Ideal for transparent materials.
Clear Ink
  • High glossy Prints.
  • Ability to add texture with clear ink only added to certain areas of the print.
Print Size: Hard/ Rigid Surfaces up to size 96 x 48 (2500mm x 1300 mm)
Print Heads: Gen5 C, M, Y, K, LC, LM, W, W, V, V Heads.
Ink Used: UV Ink.
Ink Curing Method: UV Light Instant Curing.
Materials/Media: Wood, Acrylic, Metal, Cardboard, PVC, Canvas, Plastic, Glass, Mirror, Vinyl, Paper, Foam, Korean, Styrene, Leather, Stone, Brick, Porcelain, Rubber, Fabric, and Many More

Other Services



At Pravat Timbers we manufacture wooden gift items, wooden furniture, wooden utility items, wooden musical accessories, wooden gift boxes, wooden accessory boxes, cardboard boxes, paper board boxes, fancy paper boxes, food safe boxes, card board paper stationery items and new additions are flat bed UV digital printing machine, laser cutting & engraving machines, CNC router cutting & carving machine with rotary attachment.

All type of food safe boxes are our speciality. We produce truely food grade boxes for Chocolate, Sweet, Tea, Coffee, Cigar, Wine etc.